Meet The Maker

Darla Gillihan
Owner + Founder
Starlight Essentials: Where Passion Meets Science

Starlight Essentials is the culmination of a passion for fragrance and quality craftsmanship. I embarked on this journey (dream) over five years ago, transforming a love for creating beautiful soaps and candles into a thriving small business. Built by hustle and artistry, I am the creative soul behind everything you see. Together, we bring quality and passion to every thing we do!

We use clean and close-to-nature ingredients

In building this business, I was driven by a desire for a cleaner approach to everyday products. That's why I use clean, close-to-nature ingredients as possible while still indulging in the luxury of fragrance.

I believe in the power of nature to nourish and replenish with a little whimsy of fragrance, and I want my customers to experience that difference.